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Eco Wheel Tracker

Auto lift Eco Wheel Tracker

Congress attendees from all over the world were present at the IRF World conference to assist to the launch of the new Auto Lift Arm ECO wheel tracker conceived to be the most clever wheel tracking equipment built to date. Click here for more information or contact us.






I would like to comment on how impressed we are with  the new Wheel Tracker ECO Small Device since we purchased the machine beginning this year. It has been in constant use.

The benefit that we have seen in that this version is fully automated from start to finish, compared to the standard 1 arm wheel tracker, which is quite a bit labour intensive where you have to physically place the arm/wheel on the specimen, wait until test temp is achieved before starting the test, and lifting the wheel off the specimen at the end of the test.  Our technicians also find our software a lot more user friendly. 

Dyfed Thomas, Laboratory Manager, Celtest Ltd UK, June 2010