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Plastic Limit Test Set


The plastic limit (PL) is defined as the lowest moisture content of a soil that will permit a sample to be rolled into threads of 3 mm diameter without the threads breaking.


  • ASTM D4318
  • AASHTO T90
  • BS 1377:2
  • UNE 103-104
  • UNI 10014

The Plastic Limit Test Set is supplied Complete with:

  • Glass Plate, 300x300x5 mm
  • Steel Reference Rod
  • Moisture Content Tins, Ø:75 mm, 6pcs
  • Porcelain Mixing Dish, 100 mm dia.
  • Spatula, 120mm
  • Carrying Case
  • Wash Bottle 250 ml


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Dimensions mm (W x D x H) 360 x 370 x 180
Weight (approx.) Kg 3