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Double Pistons Motorised Hydraulic Specimen Extruder Vertical Type

This product has been discontinued for sale!

The TGE-0090 has two pistons with 60 kN capacity. One piston that has a 650 mm ram travel can be used for extruding specimens from 38 mm (inner dia.) to 160 mm (outer dia.) sample tubes and moulds such as proctor, CBR and marshall moulds.

The second piston that has a 200 mm ram travel can be used for extruding the uniaxial and triaxial specimens from test tubes/cutters inner dia. from Ø38 mm to Ø72 mm.

Adaptors with different sizes should be ordered separately if required.

The Double Pistons Motorised Hydraulic Extruder is supplied complete with;

  • Adaptors for Ø150 mm (6”), Ø100 mm (4”) , Ø72 mm, Ø50.8 mm (2”) and Ø38 mm (1 ½”) and inner dia. Sample tubes and moulds.


  • EN 13286-2
  • EN 13286-47
  • EN 12697-30
  • AASHTO T134
  • AASHTO T180
  • AASHTO T193
  • AASHTO T245
  • ASTM D698
  • ASTM D1557
  • ASTM D1883
  • ASTM D1559
  • BS 1377-4
  • BS 1924-2
  • BS 598-107


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Capacity kN 60
Ram Travel mm 650 (1. piston) – 200 (2. piston)
Dimensions mm (W x D x H) 650 x 750 x 1750 mm
Weight (approx.) Kg 215
Power W 750