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Pocket Penetrometers


The TS Series of Pocket Dial Penetrometers are ideal instruments to determine the penetration resistance of cohesive soil, especially when various range measurements are required.

TS-0075 Pocket Dial Penetrometer with respect to range and plunger diameters are avaliable for specific applications.

All Dial Penetrometer models have a 60 mm. Dial Diameter and are designed with Peak Hold Feature.

The TS-0075 Pocket Dial Penetrometer is used for evaluating the angle of internal friction “j” of sandy soils and the cohesion “c” in clay soils. Dual scale: 0-6 kgf/cm for 6.35 mm diameter 2 plunger and 0-11 kgf/cm.

The TS-0078 Pocket Penetrometer is a portable and easy-to use equipment for performing field classifications of cohesive soils in terms of consistency, shear strength and approximate unconfined compressive strength.


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Product Code Range (Kgf/cm^2) Plunger Dia. mm Dimensions mm (W x D x H) Weight (approx.) Kg
Pocket Dial Penetrometer,
0-6 kgf/cm²
0-6 6.35 100 x 200 x 60 0.5
Pocket Dial Penetrometer,
0-14 kgf/cm²
0-14 6.35 100 x 200 x 60 0.5
Pocket Dial Penetrometer,
0-6, 0-11 kgf/cm²
0-6, 0-11 6.35-10-15-20-25 100 x 200 x 60 0.5
Pocket Dial Penetrometer,
0-5 kgf/cm²
0-5 6.35 20 x 20 x 180 0.5