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Surface Soil Sampler


Surface Soil Sampler (Core Cutter) is used to determine the in situ density of soil by taking a standard volume of soil sample from the ground which is then removed, trimmed and weighed.

The ASTM/CNR version, TS-0965 and TS-0967 Surface Soil Sampler (Core Cutter), consists of a drive head, 5 kg drive hammer and a thin wall sampling tube. A 5 kg ‘sliding weight drop hammer’ free-falls onto the driving head which is placed on top of the sampling tube.
Manufactured from steel and plated for corrosion resistance.

TS-0970 BS Type 100 mm Surface Soil Sampler (Core Cutter) Set consists of a driving dolly, 13.5 kg driving rammer and a 100 mm dia. x 130 mm high core cutter. TS-0975 BS Type 150 mm Surface Soil Sampler (Core Cutter) Set BS consits of a driving dolly, 16 kg driving rammer and 150 mm diax 180 mm high core cutter.


  • ASTM D2937
  • CNR No.22
  • BS 1377:9