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Non-Nuclear Soil Density Gauge

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Non-Nuclear Soil Density Gauge is used to detect the density of soil specimens with a non-nuclear method. The equipment is fully equipped with a touch screen and user-friendly graphical menu interface, running Microsoft Windows silently in the background for flawless operation.

Key Features

  • Full colour graphics 480 x 640 VGA touch screen display with LED backlight for clear visibility
  • Displays GPS status, battery status and date and time
  • Rugged case design made from aluminum. Powder-coated in gloss black with orange reflective vinyl graphics to increase driver awareness to road workers at night
  • Required files can be downloaded via USB
  • Fast, reliable, accurate and repeatable in real-time; user friendly and cost effective tool for any user.
  • Non-Nuclear means no badges or licences required and no storage or transportation concerns

Operational Features

  • Display: Full colour graphics driven user interface, 480 x 640. VGA touch screen display with LED backlight for clear visibility in daylight or dark
  • Status Bar: Displays CPS status, data save status, battery voltage, low battery and date and time
  • Project Details: Stores up to 20 projects with details
  • Mix Details: Stores up to 20 mixes, details include (MTD, mix name, stone size, depth, offset and operator name)
  • Data Logging: When enabled, stores all measurements taken in single or average modes (Status Bar Icon)
  • Reports can be easily downloaded for analysis
  • CPS Control: When activated will display latitude and longitude positions, number of satellites the gauge is connected to, as well as the UTC date and time (also available in TM format). CPS information will store with each measurement when Data Save and CPS feature is enabled, (Status Bar Icon)
  • Software Update: One touch upload of new software using a USB memory stick
  • Data Management: Quickly access, download or delete your project data
  • Set Time & Date: Quick time and date setup, MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YY formats
  • Units: Interchangeable settings for Density (kg/m^3”, Lb/ ft^3), Temp (°C,°F), Depth (mm, in) and Stone Size (mm, in)
  • Standardisation: While the gauge is still in the case, a quick one touch measurement will ensure the gauge is still in proper working mode
  • Calculator: Built in four function calculator
  • Enhanced Customer Support: Diagnostic screen to aid in factory support
  • User Programmable Target Density: Used for calculating % compaction


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Operational Specification

Measurement Mode

Average Averages five (5) readings and stores data including
date and time. Stores thousands of records
Continuous Instantaneous density readings

Function Mode

Wet & Dry Density, % Compaction, % Moisture

Soil Specification

Designed to operate with standard soils used in civil construction projects
Requires input from Standard Standard Test Method for Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit
Plasticity Index of Soils (ASTM D4318)
Particle Size Distribution (ASTM D422)
Proctor Test (ASTM D698 / ASTM D1557

Measurement Specification

Sensing Area 11 inch (28cm) dia. base allows optimum measurement on fine
and coarse material types
Measurement Depth Designed for use on a standard 12″ (30cm) un-compacted
layer of soil during or after compaction
Measurement Display Density, % Compaction, Surface Temperature,
Mix Name & Project Name

Mechanical Specification

Unit Weight (approx.) Kg 6.44
Unit Dimensions mm 2790 x 2790 x 3040 with handle extension, 7360 High
Shipping Weight w/ Case Kg 19.27
Shipping Dimensions mm 6090 x 4950 x 3550

Mechanical Specification

CE Mark Complies with EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3, EN 61000-4-8
Battery 14.0 Amp-hr NiMH, 7.2 V
Recharge Time hours 4
Battery Charger Self contained CE & UL Certified Universal AC Charger,
DC Charger
Computer Ports 1 USB Port