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Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) PRIMA100

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Unique PRIMA 100 Features

Direct measuring of the E-modulus. PRIMA 100 is the only portable falling weight Deflectometer with a separate load cell. This allows measuring on all layers irrespective of strength, as the drop height is adjustable. The PRIMA 100 method is quicker than the isotope measuring method and requires no reference measurements. The equipment has no radioactive sources requiring safety courses and can be operated by one operator, allowing for the analysis of collected data and printing out of data files on site. PRIMA 100 can be supplied with GPS allowing storage of measuring positions and data in GIS databases.

Data Collection

Data collection with the new PRIMA 100 is done via cable/portable PC or wireless PDA/blue-tooth. The latter option allows the operator to work freely on a measuring site. The operator controls the measuring work on the instrument itself. After each drop all data is displayed. Data is stored in the computer or PDA. When measuring large amounts of points, it may be an advantage to store data in more files.

Data presentation/documentation

After the measuring campaign or any time during a campaign, data can be seen on the display. Either each individual drop or the entire series of measuring points is displayed. Data can be transferred to Excel or Word. This allows printing of data for further interpretation or direct presentation in a report as documentation for e.g. a client. Extension to three geophones is possible.

The Equipment

The equipment is delivered with a 100 mm and 300 mm diameter loading plate, a 10 kg weight, integrated load cell and electronic box and a centre-mounted geophone. Extension with a beam for two extra geophones is possible. A portable PC or a PDA with a data collection program installed is required.
Easy power supply PRIMA 100 is a field instrument and thus the power supply must be handy. Four ordinary AA batteries supply power to electronics and display.

Key Feature

  • 100mm loading plate
  • 300mm loading plate.
  • 10kg drop weight (up to 20kg drop weight is possible).
  • 4 rubber buffers.
  • 1 load cell for force measurement.
  • 1 centre deflection sensor (up to 3 deflection sensors are possible).
  • Interface box and communication cable for laptop / PC.
  • Measuring and data collection software (Windows 98/200 /NT/XP).
  • Including Bluetooth Antenna and Trimble PDA.
  • RoSy compaction.
  • E-modulus calculation/design software for up to 4 layer structures.
  • Calibration certificate
  • Manuals in English (1pc)
  • 24 months warranty on LWD parts
  • CE marked
  • ISO 9001/2000
  • ASTM E2583-07 US
  • HA IAN73/06 – UK
  • Pr IV 90 – DK


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Estimated Weight Weight, standard equipment <20kg
Weight incl. all weights <30kg Drop weight 10, 15 or 20kg
Maximum drop height 85cm
Guide rod: D22mm stainless steel 316
Load Characteristics Load plate: D100, 200 or 300mm Load range: 1-20kN
Load pulse duration: 15-30ms
Load pulse shape: Essentially half-sine
Load pulse rise time: 8-15ms
Load Cell Load cell accuracy: 1% +/- 0.1 kN
Load resolution: 0.1kN (1KPa)
Frequency range: 0-400Hz
Deflector sensor Sensor type: Seismic Velocity Transducer
Number of geophones: 1-3
Geophone accuracy: Better than +/-2%
Geophone resolution: 1micron
Geophone range: 1-2200microns
Frequency range: 0.2-300Hz