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Multiplex Machine with Servo Motor

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Multiplex Machine is used to make Uniaxial, CBR and Marshall Tests. 50 kN capacity Multiplex Machine is equipped with a servo motor and BC100 TFT graphics data acquisition and control system and capable of doing test with the speed range of 0,00001 mm/min to 51 mm/min suitable for CBR, Marshall, Triaxial and Uniaxial Tests and similar tests with appropriate accessories. The machine is also capable of doing load controlled tests. TM-0108 Multiplex Machine is composed by a robust and compact two column frame with adjustable upper cross beam.
Supplied complete with: Load Cell, 50 kN and Displacement Transducer, 25 x 0,001 mm. Test accessories should be ordered separately according to the test.

To Perform Uni axial Tests

TM-0115 Compression Platens, used to perform uni axial
and unconfined compression tests. Supplied complete
with ball seating assembly

To Perform Triaxial Tests

TGM-0010 Load Cell 5 kN
TGM-0062 Linear Potentiometric
Displacement Transducer, 25 mm
TG-0325 Static Unilogger 8 Channels
TS-0400 or/and TS-0401 Triaxial Cell
TS-0405 Block for pressure measurement and de-airing
TGM-0110 Pressure Transduce, 2000 kPa
TS-0408 Oil and Water constant pressure system
TS-0415 Automatic volume charge unit
TS-0416 Software to perform UU Triaxial Tests

TS-0417 Software to Perform CU-CD Triaxial Tests

To Perform Marshall Tests

TAS-0057 Breaking Head Stability Mould, cast iron,
for 4” (101,6 mm) Marshall Samples
TAS-0058 Breaking Head Stability Mould, cast iron,
for 6” (152,4 mm) Marshall Samples

To Perform CBR Tests

TS-0870 CBR Penetration piston, used to perform CBR Tests


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Test Speed 0.00001 – 51 mm/min
Capacity kN 50
Dimensions mm (W x D x H) 550 x 700 x 1200
Weight (approx.) Kg 102