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Steel Ruler


COOPER Steel Rulers come in rigid and flexible versions.

Although their primary purpose is for accurate measurements, they can also be used as guides for laying out lines, and if rigid enough, for cutting.


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Product Code Description Dimensions mm (W x D x H) Weight (approx.) Kg
TGM-0375 Steel Ruler 150 x 1mm 250 x 30 x 0.5 0.2
TGM-0380 Steel Ruler 300 x 1mm 300 x 30 x 0.5 0.5
TGM-0385 Steel Ruler 500 x 1mm 500 x 30 x 0.5 0.2
TGM-0390 Steel Ruler 1000 x 1mm 1000 x 30 x 0.5 0.2