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Vacuum Pumps

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Cooper Technology supplies high quality single and dual stage vacuum pumps for providing the vacuum power which is required for various applications in material testing.

Key Features

  • Two stage rotary-vane design improves the ultimate vacuum and pump speed and reduces the evacuation time.
  • The integrated pump body design ensures the reliability and easy maintenance.
  • Built-in oil pump cycling design forced-lubricates the pump chamber and sliding bearing and ensures its lubrication and seal.
  • Anti-Suckback design prevents oil from returning back to the system.
  • The intake filter can prevent foreign matter from entering into the pump chamber and the exhaust fitting separates oil vapour from the exhaust flow.
  • Aluminium oil housing, trestle and motor cover forms a rigid and light design.
  • Thermal protection of the motor makes the pump to run steadily and ensures safety.

TGE-3550, 63 mm diameter, bottom connection, (760mm Hg) 1000 mbar Vacuum Gauge is used to monitor the instant applied vacuum. The vacuum gauge works well with max. 60°C fluid temperature. The maximum operating pressure must not exceed 75% of the full scale. The over pressure limit is 40 bar PN x 1.25, optimum ≤ operating range (P0) is between 0.1 PN and 0.75 PN and the protection rate is IP41.


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Product Codes Flow Rate (CFM) Flow Rate (L/min) Partial Pressure (pa) Total Presure (pa)
Vacuum Pump 51L/min Capacity (50Hz)
1.8 51 2 20
Vacuum Pump 51L/min Capacity (60Hz)
2.0 57 2 20
Vacuum Pump 100L/min Capacity (50Hz)
3.5 100 2 20
Vacuum Pump 100L/min Capacity (60Hz)
4.0 113 2 20
Vacuum Pump 128L/min Capacity (50Hz)
4.5 128 0.2 2
Vacuum Pump 128L/min Capacity (60Hz)
5.0 142 0.2 2

Motor (HP) Intake Fitting Oil Capacity (ml) Dimensions mm (W x D x H) Weight (approx.) Kg
TGE-3505 1/4 1/4″ Flare 250 290 x 125 x 225 6.5
TGE-3510 1/3 1/4″ & 3/8″ Flare 250 320 x 125 x 235 8.0
TGE-3530 1/2 1/4″ & 3/8″ Flare 325 340 x 140 x 245 10.5