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Rebar Detectors

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Determining the position, depth and diameter of rebar can be detected in any constructions by the Rebar Detector and can be displayed the results by TC-2082. Rebar Detector & Monitor is a portable and simple to operate. The data that is received via Rebar Detector can be transferred to monitor via an infrared tool and from monitor to PC via. USB port.
TC-2085 X Scan Rebar Detector & Monitor is a portable, quick and easy to use system for detecting objects up to 30 cm in concrete structures. The complete system for hit prevention and structural analysis. Detected rebars can be displayed in 3D image with TC-2085 X Scan Rebar Detector & Monitor.

Key Features

  • Quick, easy scanning of large areas
  • Individual scans over lengths of up to 30 m
  • Data transfer from scanner by infrared link for monitor viewing
  • Cordless scanner for maximum freedom of movement
  • Immediate high resolution image for clear picture of the reinforcement

  • Key Uses

  • Rebar verification and analysis
  • Checking concrete coverage over large areas for structural repair work
  • Building acceptance inspections and quality control
  • Avoid cutting through critical reinforcement or castly rebar hits
  • Prevent damage to rebars during coring or drilling
  • Review and report from the computer receiving the scan analysis
  • Specifications

    Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Model TC-2080 TC-2085
    Maximum Detection Depth 180 mm (at 36 mm rebar diameter) 300 mm depending on base material condition (damp or dry) and object class
    Localisation accuracy mm 3 ± 10
    Maximum Depth for Determing Depth of Coverage 160 mm (at 36 mm rebar diameter)
    Minimum distance between two neighbouring objects mm 40
    Maximum Scanning Speed 0.5 m/s 0.5 m/s
    Accuracy of depth indication f 100 mm: ± 10 mm
    g 100 mm: ± 15%
    Operating Time with Battery 8h 4h
    Screen LCD LCD
    Dust & Water Spray IP54 IP54
    Working Temperature Range -10 °C – (+50 °C) -15 °C – (+50 °C)
    Scanner Dimensions mm 260 x 132 x 132 318 x 143 x 190
    Scanner Weight (w/battery) Kg 1.4 2.45
    Monitor Dimensions mm 264 x 57 x 152 292 x 292 x 207.5
    Monitor Weight Kg 1.4 2.26