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Crack Width Gauges

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Monitoring the changes in crack width is an important diagnostic technique for determining the cause and specifying the remedial work.

TC-3100 Complete Set of Crack Width Gauges is used for measuring the crack widths in different positions. The set consists of; 5 pieces of standard crack width gauge for walls which monitors horizontal and vertical movements across cracks; Crack Width Gauge for corners which monitors horizontal and vertical movements across cracks in corners; Crack Width Gauge for floors for monitoring settlement of floors relative to a wall or column and Crack Width Gauge for level difference for monitoring the movement across a crack when one surface moves out of planet to the other.
TC-3100 Set of Crack Width Gauges consists of:

  • Standard crack width gauge for walls, 5 pieces
  • Crack width gauge for corners
  • Crack width gauge for floors
  • Crack width gauge for level difference

Key Features

  • Suitable for internal or external use
  • Monitoring both vertical and horizontal movements
  • Monitors the opening or closing of cracks with 1 mm accuracy
  • Crack record cards supplied with each gauge to simplify monitoring


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Dimensions mm 235 x200 x 50 mm (Packed)
Weight Kg (approx.) 1