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The Slump test method is used for the determination of the consistency and work-ability of fresh concrete.
The TC-0400E Slump Test Set is galvanised to prevent corrosion.


  • EN 12350-2

TC-0400E Slump Test Set are supplied complete with:

  • Slump Cone Top Dia: 100 ±2 mm / Base Dia: 200 ±2 mm / Height: 300 ±2 mm /Thickness 1.5 mm
  • Slump Base Plate 500 x 500 x 60 mm with Handle
  • Slump Funnel, Galvanized Steel
  • Tamping Bar Ø 25 x 25 x 280mm
  • Round Scoop, medium
  • Steel Ruler 300 x 1 mm


Replacement Accessories are not included in the price of main device (unless stated otherwise) and may be purchased separately if required.

TC-0404E Slump Base Plate 500 x 500 x 60mm with Handle, EN
TC-0406E Slump Funnel, Galvanised Steel, EN (TC-0406E)
TP/TA-0645 Tamping Bar Ø 25 x 25 x 280mm
TGH-1605 Round Scoop, Medium
TGM-0380 Steel Ruler 300 x 1mm


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Dimensions mm (W x D x H) 550 x 600 x 250 (Packed)
Weight (approx.) Kg 6