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Digital Length Comparators


Length Comparators are used to determine the length changes of differing types and sizes of cement prisms.

The sets consists of a length measuring frame with measuring device attached to it. The comparators comes with two different models: TCM-0200 with 0.001 mm x 12.7 mm digital dial gauge and TCM-0210 with special 0.0001 mm x 30 mm transducer and readout unit. Horizontal clearance of TCM-0200 is 150mm.

All information about shrinkage/expansion moulds, steel inserts and reference rods can be seen on the pages of TCM-0029, TCM-0033 and TA-0850. They can also be seen the pages of TC-1153, TC-1161 and TC-1163 for larger type moulds which are used with TC-1170 large type length comparator.

Reference rods and moulds should be ordered separately according to test to perform.


  • EN 1367-4
  • EN 12617-4
  • EN 12808-4
  • ASTM C151
  • ASTM C157
  • ASTM C227
  • ASTM C311
  • ASTM C341
  • ASTM C342
  • ASTM C441
  • ASTM C452
  • ASTM C490
  • ASTM C531
  • ASTM C596
  • ASTM C806
  • ASTM C878
  • BS 1881:5
  • BS 6073


Accessories are not included in the price of main device (unless stated otherwise) and may be purchased separately if required.

TCM-0210 Length Comparator with Heidenhain Length
Measuring Sensor and Digital Readout Unit


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Dimensions mm (W x D x H) Weight (approx.) Kg
Length Comparators
180 x 180 x 450 6
Length Comparators
with Heidenhaim Length
sensor and Digital Readout
Unit (TCM-0210)
250 x 250 x 650 8