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Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus


The TCM-0240 Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus is used to determine the fineness of Portland cement, limes and similar powders expressed in terms of their specific surface. The apparatus is supplied complete with a U manometer tube, manometer liquid, glass connection parts, test stand, rubber aspirator, cell with perforated disc and plunger, plastic funnel and 100 pieces of filter paper.

TCM-0246 Reference Cement should be ordered separately.


  • EN 196-6
  • ASTM C204
  • AASHTO T153

The Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus is supplied complete with:

  • U Manometer Tube
  • Manometer Liquid, 250 ml
  • Test Stand
  • Rubber Aspirator
  • Cell with Perforated Disc and Plunger (with Cooper Certıfıcate of Cell And Plunger Dimensions for Calculation of Cell Specimen Volume)
  • Plastic Funnel
  • Filter Paper, 100 pcs.


Accessories are not included in the price of main device (unless stated otherwise) and may be purchased separately if required.

TCM-0241 U Manometer Tube
TCM-0242 Manometer Liquid 250ml
TCM-0243 Cell with Perforated Disc
and Plunger
TCM-0244 Filter Paper 100pcs.
TCM-0245 Filter Paper 1000pcs.
TCM-0246 Reference Cement 5g, ASTM


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Dimensions mm (W x D x H) 300 x 540 x 210 (packed)
Weight (approx.) Kg 7 (packed)