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Duriez Compression Test Set


The test sets are used to determine the physical and mechanical properties of bituminous mixtures, especially for the water sensitivity of bituminous specimens. One set for preparing 80 mm. specimens, the second set for preparing 120mm. specimens according to the maximum aggregate upper sieve size. All parts are made from steel protected against corrosion.

The compression test has to be performed with an electromechanical universal test machine such as TM-8300.SMDL2 or TM-8300.SMPR model machine (300 kN Electromechanical Universal Test Machine. TM-8300 can also be used for compaction transaction acc. to EN 12697-12 (Method B) for preparation of test specimens.

According to EN 12697-12 (Method A and B), test specimens can also be compacted by using impact compaction or vibratory compaction. Automatic Marshall Compactor (TAS-0682E) for impact compaction EN 12697-30, Vibratory Compactor Set (TS-0664) for vibratory compaction acc. to EN 12697-32. can be used.

Grooved or Non-Grooved piston set includes upper and lower pistons.

Grooved piston set for cold mixes and Non-Grooved piston set for hot mixes should be ordered seperately


  • NF P98-251-1/4
  • EN 12697-12 Method A and B

Duriez compression test sets are supplied complete with;

  • Mould
  • Container
  • Piston
  • 2 pcs half spacers