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Binder Storage Stability Apparatus

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Binder Storage Stability Apparatus, CRT-SSV is used to determine the susceptibility of a pre-blended modified binder to separation or instability during prolonged storage at high temperatures.

A sample of binder is contained in the apparatus and maintained at 160*C ± 2*C for 7 days ± 2 hours. The Binder sample is then taken to be tested for compliance with the binder specification.

The Binder Storage Stability Apparatus consists of a metal cylinder, flush fitting to exclude air when the cylinder is filled with binder and provided with three drain values, one at the base, the other two spaced equally down the side of the cylinder, to allow the sample to be divided into three equal proportions, according to the procedure.


Volume 1 series 900 specification for Highways Work Road Pavements – Bituminous Bound Materials Amendment – August 2008 66 958 (08/08) Modified Binder Storage Stability Test (08/08) Scope 1 (08/08)


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Dimensions mm 220 x 150 x 350
Weight (approx.) Kg 4