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Cooper-Vialit Cohesion Pendulum

The European Standards EN 13808 and EN 15322 demand this test according to EN 13588 as a basis for the CE marking of all polymer-modified binders for the intended use of surface treatment

Vialit Cohesion Pendulum by Cooper CRT-VCP is a testing device to analyse the cohesion of bitumen in road construction. The cohesion is one of the measures of the performance of a bituminous binder. It is important to use binders which have a sufficient level of cohesion according to the level of traffic to be supported. Cohesion has originally been developed for surface dressing however it can be used for any type of binder (pure, modified or fluxed) which is to be used in different types of road applications. Knowledge of cohesion enables the choice of binder type for given traffic and site conditions.


  • EN 13588
  • EN 13808
  • EN 15322

Key Features

  • Automatic security safety catch avoiding pendulum to crash after test impact
  • Incremental angle sensor in combination with a digital display resolution of 0,1°
  • 24 cube and cube holder combinations, which allows an economic production of test samples (included)
  • Efficient safety system in compliance with EC – machinery directive 2006/42/EC which allows comfortable handling with maximum operational reliability
  • Module with built-in RS 232-port (allows the metering of test value via computer, retrofittable by user)
  • Software available for full automation of test

Key Uses

  • Bitumen
  • Bitumen emulsions
  • Flux bitumen


  • User friendly, intuitive and reliable windows software developed with National Instruments LabVIEW™
  • Results are taken for the binder under test, across the pre-determined temperature range and displayed in real time
  • Results are stored in a single Microsoft Excel compatible csv file
  • Previously stored data can be up-loaded to allow changes/additions to the tests already carried out on the binder under test
  • On–screen chart shows the cohesion vs. temperature curve which updates in real time as new measurements are taken
  • Translation of the software is available into most languages
  • Retrofittable on previously supplied pendulums


Accessories are not included in the price of main device (unless stated otherwise) and may be purchased separately if required.

CRT-VCP-CUB Additional Pair of Cubes and Cube Holders
CRT-VCP-SOFT Software to allow PC analysis of results (retrofittable). It includes laptop with professional remote support connection.


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Angle Measurement Range 360°
Angle Measurement Resolution 0.1°
Pendulum Mass (1925 ± 95) g
Pendulum Parked Position (4 ± 1)° from the vertical
Radius at Point of Impact mm (500 ± 1)
Distance from Pendulum Centre of Gravity to Shaft mm (295 ± 2)
Ambient Temperature Range °C (18 to 28)
Dimension mm (W x D x H) 780 x 1000 x 1920
Electrical Supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1A, 24W
Dimensions mm (WxDxH) 1200 x 600 x 1320
Estimated space required Foot print 1200 x 600 x 1320 on bench top
Estimated Weight Kg 150
PC Required for software- please enquire

Calibration & Maintenance

Calibration, Annual Service and Maintenance Contracts are available for this device.
Please enquire for further details. Note: This device should be checked and calibrated annually.