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Digital Engler Viscometer


The TB-1250 Digital Engler Viscometer is used for determining the viscosity of tars and their fluid products. Apparatus consists of a contact thermo regulator and a stirring device.

The thermometers, the calibration flask, strainer and testing flask are not included.


  • ASTM D1665
  • ASTM D490
  • AASHTO T54


Accessories are not included in the price of main device (unless stated otherwise) and may be purchased separately if required.

TB-1252 Engler Viscosity Thermometer 18-28°C, ASTM 23C
TB-1254 Engler Viscosity Thermometer 39-54°C, ASTM 24C
TB-1256 Engler Viscosity Thermometer 39-54°C, ASTM 25C
TGT-2005 IP 76C Thermometer 10-55°C, 0.5°C Division
TB-1260 Kohlraush Calibration Flask, 200ml
TB-1262 Strainer No.50, ASTM
TB-1264 Testing Flask, 50ml for TB-1250


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Dimensions mm (W x D x H) 265 x 265 x 550
Weight (approx.) Kg 10
Power W 300