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Wheel Tracker Small Device – 1 & 2 Arms

The CRT-WTEN1 and CRT-WTEN2 are supplied with a UKAS certificate of accreditation validating conformance to EN 13108

Wheel tracking is used to assess the resistance to rutting of asphaltic materials under conditions which simulate the effect of traffic. A loaded wheel tracks a sample under specified conditions of load, speed and temperature while the development of the rut is monitored continuously during the test. Test specimens can be either slabs prepared with a laboratory compactor or 200mm Ø cores cut from the highway.

The CRT-WTEN1 wheel tracker performs both procedures A and B specified for the small scale device in EN 12697-22. Procedure A requires that six specimens are tested. For procedure B only two specimens need to be tested, but rut depth must be measured at more points along the longitudinal rut profile. To speed up the testing process the CRT-WTEN2 was designed to test two specimens simultaneously.


  • EN 12697-22 Small device
  • AGPT/T231 (supersedes AST 01)
  • BS 598-110:1998

Key Features

  • Tests materials for roads with axle loads up to 13 tonnes
  • Rigid test frame built from extruded aluminium section
  • Integral temperature controlled cabinet with double glazed doors
  • PID control of test temperature in the range ambient to 62°C
  • Rack for pre-test temperature conditioning of specimens
  • The CRT-WTEN2 tests two specimens simultaneously
  • Specimens compacted with the Cooper Technology Roller
  • Compactor can be transferred directly to the wheel tracker without de-moulding
  • Closed-loop speed control
  • User-friendly Windows™ software
  • Supplied with certification of a UKAS accredited calibration

Key Use

  • Determination of the rut resistance of asphaltic paving materials


  • User friendly, intuitive and reliable Windows™ software developed using LabVIEW™
  • Software is designed to perform EN 12697-22 Small device
  • Software automatically starts the wheel tracker, maintaining the speed at the specified 26.5 cycles per minute
  • Measures rut depth and sample temperature automatically at regular intervals
  • The rut profile is captured automatically by the software and analysed to calculate the rut depth
  • A continuously updated on-screen graph shows rut depth versus time, along with the rut profile and temperature
  • Software stops the wheel tracker on completion of a test and prints a test report if required
  • Stored test data can be analysed and compared with other test data utilising a spreadsheet package
  • Utilities are included for transducer check, diagnostic routines and RTD calibration


Accessories are not included in the price of main device (unless stated otherwise) and may be purchased separately if required.

CRT-WTRCM-50 Mould – 305x305x50mm deep
CRT-WTRCM-100 Mould – 305x305x100mm deep
CRT-INSERT-10 Mould – Insert 305x305x10mm
CRT-WTM-DIAM200 Split Holder with Steel Base-plate Ø200mm
CRT-WTIMRCM-50 Mould – 305x305x50 deep Stainless Steel
CRT-WTIMRCM-100 Mould – 305x305x100 deep Stainless Steel
CRT-WTIMRCM-26060 Mould – 260x320x60 deep Stainless Steel
CRT-WTIMRCM-26060-150 Plastic Mould (6″) inserted in Stainless Steel Mould
CRT-WTIMRCM-26050 Mould – 260x320x50 deep Stainless Steel
CRT-WTIMRCM-26050-150 Plastic Mould (6″) inserted in Stainless Steel Mould
CRT-WH-IRHD20-80 (Replacement Part) Rubber Wheel for EN 12697-22
CRT-WH-IRHD20 (Replacement Part) Rubber Wheel for AST 01:2004


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Wheel Load 700/520N
Mould Dimensions mm 305 x 305mm (others available)
Wheel Speed 26.5 cycles per minute
Slab Thickness mm ¹ 40 to 100mm
Rut Depth Transducer Range mm 50
Temperature Range ambient to 62°C
Electrical Supply Single 220-240 Volts 50/60 Hz @ 13A (others available)
Dual 220-240 Volts 50/60 Hz @ 16A (others available)
Compressed Air (required for WTEN2 model only) Dual 7-10 bar @ 600 L/min
Dimensions mm (W x D x H) Single 1579 x 840 x 1740
Dual 1750 x 1090 x 1970
Working space required mm (WxDxH) Single 1680 x 1840 x 1940
Dual 1850 x 3090 x 2070
Weight (approx.) Kg Single 448
Dual 500
PC Included

Calibration & Maintenance

Calibration, Annual Service and Maintenance Contracts are available for this device.
Please enquire for further details. Note: This device should be checked and calibrated annually