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Robust. Repeatable. Reliable.

The Hamburg dual arm wet and dry wheel tracker is widely used to evaluate the resistance to rutting and moisture susceptibility of asphalt mixtures.

Our WTIM-A is fully compliant with the latest AASHTO-T324 and EN 12697-22 standards and future-proofed, as well as being energy efficient.

From routine quality control to advanced research projects our WTIM-A is the perfect solution for you.

key benefits


True Sinusoidal Motion

Our Scotch yoke mechanism produces perfect sinusoidal motion throughout the stroke in full compliance with major international standards. This results in consistent, repeatable, and reproducible test results.


Research Grade

Our data acquisition system precisely records rut depth in 230 points across the sample. The load can be set from 520N up to 1600N in 1N increments. Variable test parameters and flexible analysis tools are included to suit any research project and future changes in the standards.


Contractor Grade

Our machine is a smart solution for quality control. The focus during design was to optimise workflow and testing time. With our automatic test scheduling tool and preconfigured standard test routines, the operator will save time planning and executing tests.


Energy Efficient

An eco-friendly smart heating system and highly accurate temperature control with three temperature probes help reduce power usage.


User Friendly

New and easy-to-use guard and extra emergency stop buttons with easy access from any side protect the users to the highest level. Electromechanical automatic arms reduce heavy lifting demands from the operator.

software package

  • Both preconfigured and fully flexible test profile configurations
  • Multiple test routines, which include AASHTO, EN, BS, AGPT, TxDOT, and CalTrans
  • Multi-language capability in the test software and test reports. Reports can be configured to a specific language and specific test method
  • Automatic final rut profile screenshots at the end of the test
  • The reporting tool can be installed on any networked or remote PC



AASHTO T324:2019




EN 12697-22:2020


Tex-242-F 2021


BS 598-110


CT 389 2020

main features

  • Automatic and constant rut depth recording at 230 points across the sample allows for flexible analysis, future proofs against new changes in the standards, produces more accurate results across bigger data samples, provides the possibility to evaluate surface characteristics, i.e., roughness
  • Scotch yoke mechanism for perfect sinusoidal motion throughout the stroke – with our WTIM-A further improved to an industry-leading RMSE of 0.039mm. Our machine’s performance has been independently verified in the NCHRP Report [1]
  • Wheel load 700N/703N/705N as standard, adjustable from 520N to 1600N in 1N increments.
  • Wheel speed is variable from 10 to 36 cycles per minute
  • Three temperature probes as standard to ensure uniform temperature distribution across the sample and in the test chamber, temperature control accuracy of 0.1º C [2]
  • Fully flexible test profile configuration and automatic test performance on one or two specimens.
  • Test scheduling timer to optimise testing time
  • UKAS calibration certificate issued when applicable
  • Auto filling and levelling of the water tank, two automatic settings in compliance with EN and AASHTO standards
  • Automatic and independently lifting electromechanical arms allow maximum access for mould insertion and removal for user comfort
  • The new design of the dry hood allows quick and easy switching between wet and dry tests
  • Universal mould clamping system, suitable for any compatible mould size required by standards
  • Mould sizes available: 305*305mm, 260*320mm, 305*400mm, cores 200mm diameter, double cores 150mm diameter, with specimen height up to 100mm variable in 10mm increments
  • No extra parts are required to change between different mould sizes
  • Increased operator safety with three emergency stops connected to a fully integrated safety circuit.
  • Quick-release panels for easy maintenance

main applications

  • Superpave Testing
  • Balanced Mix Design
  • Quality Control

research applications

  • Resistance to rutting
  • Moisture susceptibility
  • Recycled material studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Scuffing
  • Pothole evaluation
  • Road markings evaluation

[1] Why is sinusoidal motion important? Find more information in this white paper

[2] Cooper Hamburg Wheel Tracker temperature uniformity testing. Find detailed report on temperature analysis here

[3] Performance enhancement of asphalt patch repair with innovative heating strategy. Read article here

Published reports

If you are interested in performing research in a new field that isn’t covered above, contact us, we like a challenge!

Machine Specification

Wheel travel 230 mm
Wheel speed Variable from 10 to 36 rpm
Wheel load 700/703N
Temperature range water ambient to +70°C
Temperature range air ambient to +65°C
Rut depth measurement

LVDT 50mm range, positioned in line with the wheel to ensure accurate measurement of the rut.

Max rut depth 25mm

Waveform RMSE 0.039
Accepted sample size  
Slabs 305 x 305 mm, 260 x 320 mm and 305 x 400 mm
Cores 200mm diameter
Double cores 150mm diameter
Height Up to 100mm


Temperature control ºC
Temperature probe resolution 0.01
Temperature probe accuracy ±0.2
Uncertainty 0.11
Water bath temperature control accuracy ±0.1
Accuracy throughout the sample under test in air ±0.7
Rut measurement mm
LVDT range 50
LVDT resolution 0.002
LVDT accuracy ±0.15
Max rut depth 25
Heaters Total W
Air heaters 750W
Water heaters 2x 3000W
Safety lock Fully integrated safety circuit
Emergency stop 3x
High-frequency proximity sensor for speed control 4mm operating distance
Folding Guard Doors  Optional
Weight & Dimensions  
Net Weight Kg 640 (approx.)
Dimensions (WxDxH) cms 150 x 140 x 152

230V Single Phase, 50/60Hz

230V Three Phase, 50/60Hz


Mains water supply with isolation valve (no more than 1 bar required)

Means to drain the water from the machine (10m hose supplied)


HS Code: 90311000

Shipping Dimensions (WxDxH): 170 x 160 x 163 cms

Shipping Weight: 950 Kg


    Worldwide Support

    With full international warranty and SLA options, our engineers provide outstanding service support on-site and remotely using a professional TeamViewer connection.


    Our systems are internationally recognised via ISO 9001:2015. Our certified partner in helping us achieve this recognition is BSI (British Standards Institute).

    Cooper Research Technology has a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory No. 0611

    The International Laboratory Cooperation (ILAC) links UKAS with accreditation bodies worldwide.

    Made in Britain

    Made in Britain brings together the British manufacturing community, united with the use of the registered collective mark. The mark is protected and can only be used by members of Made in Britain that meet the criteria to guarantee the member is a British manufacturer.  We are proud to be part of this community and manufacture all our equipment locally to the highest international standards.