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Triaxial System

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Triaxial system to perform AASHTO T307 for 200mm high x 100mm Ø specimens of unbound materials

  • Triaxial cell with internally mounted load cell. Base adaptor with no-volume change valves
  • Pressure range 0-500kPa
  • Machined tolerances +/- 0.1mm and +/- 0.01mm where parts are mating
  • Pneumatic system with vacuum for specimen set-up and software controllable cell pressure
  • 100mm membrane stretcher
  • Pressure transducer
  • LVDTs to meet test specification
  • Hard rubber dummy specimen
  • Porous top cap
  • 2* Porous discs
  • 3* ‘O’ rings for sealing 100mm membranes
  • Cell pressurisation system including digitally controlled voltage pressure converter, pressure transducer, vacuum source and vacuum adjustment
  • 3* Rubber membranes for 100mm Ø specimens
  • Test software to meet latest standard specifications