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Indirect Tensile Stiffness Modulus Measurement System

Indirect tensile stiffness modulus measurement system to perform EN 12697-26 (Annex C)

  • Sub-frame for 100mm and 150mm Ø specimens, Specimen alignment jig
  • Loading strips and displacement transducer yoke for 100 & 150mm Ø specimens
  • 2* CRT-ITLV AC LVDT displacement transducer ±0.25mm range
  • CRT-CALCR calibration check ring for checking accuracy of load and displacement transducers used in Indirect Tensile Stiffness Modulus test
  • Set-up jig
  • Cross head with linear bearings
  • 1* 7mm spanner
  • Test software to meet latest standard specifications


  • EN 12697-26 (Annex C)
  • EN 12697-24 (Annex E)