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Dynamic and Static Creep Measurement System – PRESTRIAX

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Dynamic and static creep measurement system with confining stress to perform EN 12697-25 (Method B)

  • System to produce adjustable confining stress 100mm and 150mm Ø specimens in axial tension or compression
  • Triaxial cell with accurate pressure regulator, pressure indicator and all pneumatic fittings
  • Pressure range 0-500kPa
  • 100mm Ø platens with ‘O’ rings for sealing membranes
  • 150mm Ø platens with ‘O’ rings for sealing membranes
  • Platens are M.S. grade 070M20 case hardened to 750HV to a depth after grinding of at least 0.5mm. They are surface ground and polished.
  • 2* CRT-PDLV. Permanent deformation displacement transducer ±5.0mm range
  • 3* 100mm Ø x 100mm neoprene membranes
  • 3* 150mm Ø x 200mm neoprene membranes
  • Test software to meet latest standard specifications


  • CRT-PRESTRIAX-SET can be used to perform EN12697-25 Method A if a Ø96mm top platen is ordered.
  • Software is also available to perform Flow Time and Flow Number