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Thermo-regulated Asphalt Mixer 28L

Thermo-regulated Asphalt Mixer 28L is used to make mixtures in Marshall, immersion-compression, and Wheel-Tracking tests.

The mixer has a vessel of 40 cm diameter x 22 cm height and can mix a total volume of 28 liters of the mixture (it is recommended to fill up to 14 cm of height to avoid overflowing during mixing).
It is made of galvanized steel sheet with a double wall with thermal insulation and heated by two resistances, with a total power of 3000 watts. The mixing temperature is controlled by a thermostat incorporated in the mixing bowl. A thermostat is built into the bowl itself for temperature control.

The mixing paddle, specially designed for correct mixing of aggregates and binder, is driven by a 1/2 C.V. gear motor and rotates on its own in planetary movement, making the correct mixing in a very short time. The machine is equipped with an auxiliary motor that allows the lifting of the container, already loaded with the mixture, to its kneading position, with an automatic stop in this position.
In this position, the paddle can rotate to wrap the mixture, but if it is intended to lower the bowl, leaving the paddle uncovered, in this case, the paddle stops rotating, thus avoiding possible handling damages.
To unload the mixture, the bowl can be lowered, stopping automatically in the lower position (the kneading paddle remains outside the bowl). In this lower position and without the need to remove it from the machine, the bowl is tilted to pour the mixture.

1. A small bowl of 5 kg for mixer excluding a set of stirring paddles.
2. Paddle for the small bowl of the hot mixer for planetary movement.
3. Paddle for a small bowl, for vertical movement of the machine of the machine.

Dimensions: 100 x 90 x 140 cm (length x width x height)
Approximate weight: 300 Kg
Power Supply: 400 V three-phase + neutral + ground
Mains frequency: 50 Hz
Total consumption including motor and resistors: 4500 W (approx.)