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Core and Beam Saws

Easy-to-use, fast and accurate sawing systems. Best in class for safety features

Cooper Technology has developed easy-to-use sawing systems for fast, accurate cutting of beams for asphalt prisms (prepared in Cooper Technology’s Roller Compactors – small and large models) to be used for Four Point Bending Beam Testing in CRT-SA4PT-BB and CRT-LH4PT-BB, for Two Point Bending Beam testing in CRT-2PT, and cutting & dressing round cores and large & small wheel tracked slabs.

Key Features

  • Suitable for natural and artifical slabs, asphalt, concrete, tile, marble, granite
  • Four point beam testing jigs supplied as standard
  • Variable speed and electromotive feed available as an optional extra
  • CE marked

Key Uses

  • Cutting of prisms to be used in Four Point Beam Bending testing according to EN123697-24/26 and AASHTO T321
  • Cutting of trapezoidal specimens to be used in Two Point Beam Bending testing according to EN12697-24/26
  • Cutting and dressing of round cores up to 200mm depending on model
  • Cutting and dressing of wheel tracking slabs


Accessories are not included in the price of main device (unless stated otherwise) and may be purchased separately if required.

CRT-SAW-200-60 Add-on for 208V 60Hz 3ph.
CRT-SAW-EF Cutting Support with Electromotive feed and Speed Variation
CRT-SAW-CJRC Manual Clamp jig for Round Cores
CRT-SAW-200-SLAB Manual Clamp jig for Cutting Beam
CRT-SAW200-SCB Solution to cut SCB Specimens & Irregular Pieces
CRT-SAW-CJ2PT-MAN Accurate Cutting Jig for Trapezoidal Specimens
CRT-SAW-PROT Splash Protection
CRT-SAW-BL600 Extra Blade 600mm


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Model CRT-SAW100 CRT-SAW150 CRT-SAW200
Diamond disk mm 250-350 250-500 250-600
Depth of cut 100mm max with 350mm blade fitted as standard 150mm max with 450mm blade fitted as standard 200mm max with 600mm blade fitted as standard
Cutting length mm 750 750 750
Water cooled cutting
Four Point Bending Beams
Trapezoidal specimens X
Wheel tracker slabs 305x305mm, 260x305mm and 500x180mm
Cores up to mm 100 150 200
Speed rpm 1000 – 2800 2800 1400
Electrical supply* 230 Volts 50Hz Single Phase 415 Volts 50Hz 3 Phase
or 220VAC 60Hz 3 Phase @ 32Amps + Earth
415 Volts 50Hz 3 Phase
or 220VAC 60Hz 3 phase @ 50Amps + Earth
Power kW 1.8 3.7 5.6
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm
(Without legs)
1320 x 650 x 850 1320 x 650 x 950 1320 x 700 x 850
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm
(With legs)
1320 x 650 x 1350 1320 x 650 x 1500 1320 x 700 x 1800
Estimated weight Kg 125 150 175

* variable options available upon request.


Annual Service and Maintenance Contracts are available for this device.
Please enquire for further details. Note: This device should be checked annually.