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Heavy Duty Core Drilling Trailers

Upgraded model CRT-T1 Towable Core Drilling Machine available, please click here

Hydraulic proportional drill feed mechanism ‘automatically’ ensures the fastest drill feed at optimum cutting speed

CRT-HCT Heavy Duty Coring Trailers:
Option 1 – Honda 17.5HP Petrol engine P15-400
Option 2 – Lister 17.5HP Diesel engine D-15-400
Option 3 – Lister 27HP Diesel engine D20-600

To carry out any form of testing straight & clean sided core samples are required. Vibration of a diamond core drill during the coring process will result in a badly finished core that will need to be ‘dressed’ before any meaningful testing can be carried out. In addition, vibration of a core drill will also quickly damage the diamond cutting face by erosion of the individual diamonds resulting in rapid wear rates. Coring should always be carried out using a rigid, stable & vibration free operating platform to ensure the integrity of core samples.
Cooper Heavy Duty Core Drilling Trailers CRT-HCT are self contained coring machines that provide a rigid and stable drill platform for all types of coring in a wide variety of asphalt & concrete surfaces. The proportional hydraulic feed system provides for a rapid but safe drill penetration with minimum core bit wear rate.

Key Features

  • 10 hours of normal working is possible with the 27 litres (7 gal) fuel tank & 400 (105.6 gal) litre water tank
  • Drill depths of 600 mm (23.62 inch) or 1000 mm (39.3 inch) as standard with extension bars for deeper drilling
  • Proportional’ feed system allows fast & safe coring even through steel re-inforcement bars
  • ‘Automatic’ Soft Start Drilling feature ideal for inexperienced operators
  • ‘Two-function’ Emergency Stop prevents any run-on of the drill whilst the engine is stopping
  • Power take-off facility for driving a hydraulic road breaker or hydraulic tamper
  • 103 dB Maximum noise level

Key Uses

  • Medium duty coring in both asphalt & concrete surfaces
  • Heavy duty coring in both asphalt & concrete surfaces
  • Ideal for taking regular test samples in road surfaces or airfield runways
  • Ideal for drilling large numbers of holes to precise standards


Accessories are not included in the price of main device (unless stated otherwise) and may be purchased separately if required.

CRT-HCT-001 Electrically operated wheel movers for exact trailer positioning
CRT-DRIL-807 Breaker Take off kit 20 litres/min (excludes breaker)
CRT-DRIL-808 Breaker Take off kit 30 litres/min (excludes breaker)
CRT-DRIL-812 Spacers for large diameter drilling c/w studs & keys, up to 450mm
CRT-DRIL-813 Spacers for large diameter drilling c/w studs & keys, up to 600mm
CRT-DRIL-999 Selection of 7 ‘asphalt’ coring barrels 107mm to 212mm diameter.
CRT-DRIL-611 Extension bar 100mm¹
CRT-DRIL-612 Extension bar 200mm¹
CRT-DRIL-613 Extension bar 300mm¹
CRT-DRIL-810 Mast Mounted Amber Beacon for CRT-MCT
CRT-DRIL-809 Spare wheel for CRT-MCT


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Prime mover(s) Honda 13kW Petrol engine P15-400
Lister 13kW Diesel engine D-15-400
Lister 20KW Diesel engine D20-600
Electric Start Yes
Charging System On board engine charging
Water pump 12 V DC submersible
Water tank 500 litres
Hydraulic reservoir 70 litres capacity
Hydraulic outputs 22-40 litres /min @ 140bar (13.5KW engine)
22-40 litres /min @ 200bar (20KW engine)
Hydraulic Filtration Return line filter 25 micron
Drill Motors 11 displacements of single speed motors – Speed ranges from 55 to 1100 rpm
4 displacements of two speed motors – Speed ranges from 125 to 1000 rpm
Drill Capacity 300mm standard (600mm with additional spacer blocks)
Drill Depth 700mm standard (can be extended to 1000mm using spacer bars)
Drill Speed Infinitely variable control valve at the motor
Tyres Type 175 Radial 14C
Suspension Torsion bar to EEC specifications
Brakes Overun & gas assisted brakes
Dimension mm (W x D x H) 3300 x 1750 x 1830 for Std Mast
(Height for Long Mast =2880mm)
Tow hitch mm 50 to EEC Specification
(75 Kg Nose Weight – Fully Laden)
Estimated Weight Kg 960 Unladen dry
1500 Laden

¹ others available upon


Annual Service and Maintenance Contracts are available for this device.
Please enquire for further details. Note: This device should be checked and calibrated annually.

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