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Diamond Coring Trailer O600

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Heavy duty, advanced, manouverable coring trailer which outperforms all manually fed or direct engine driven machines.

With a Lombardini 35 Horse Power diesel engine reducing its noise level to less than 101 dB, & fitted with electrically interlocked guarding the Osprey fully complies with the European Machineries Directive. Supplied with an internal 26 litre or 50 litre external diesel tank and a 500 litre water tank this coring trailer is ready to work day or night.

The heavy duty O600 is self contained, hydraulically powered and produces hydraulic flows at up to 210 bar at 20–40 litres / minute and drill speeds of 200 –800 RPM from its 2 speed motor, (other motors are also available).

This powerful yet easily towed machine is ideal for drilling holes in roads, car parks and runways up to 600 mm diameter ++ For example drilling cores for laboratory core sampling , runway lights, road barrier fences or bollards.

The trailer has hot dip galvanised steel frame with stainless steel panels and tanks. It also benefits from proportional hydraulic drill control, hydraulic powered raise and lower, 500 litre capacity water tank, 26 litre internal fuel tank or 50 litre external fuel tank & 100 litre hydraulic tank.

Key Features

  • 10 hours of normal working is possible with the 30 litres fuel tank & 500 litre water tank.
  • Drill depths of 650mm as standard with extension bars for deeper drilling.
  • Up to 600mm diameter core drills
  • ‘Proportional’ feed system allows fast & safe coring even through steel reinforcement bars.
  • ‘Automatic’ Soft Start Drilling feature ideal for in-experienced operators.
  • ‘Two-function’ Emergency Stop prevents any run-on of the drill whilst the engine is stopping.
  • Power take-off facility for driving a hydraulic road breaker or hydraulic tamper.
  • 101 dB Maximum noise level.
  • Can be towed in the UK using a commercial vehicle with a minimum GLW of +1500 Kgs.
  • Hydraulic operated rear stabiliser foot
  • Manual or hydraulic operated front stabilisers
  • Two speed drill motor control
  • 50mm tow hitch & over-run brake
  • Rear stabilizer foot control


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Standard mast : 3800 x 1800 x 2350 mm (L x W x H)
Tall mast : 3800 x 1800 x 3350 mm (L x W x H)
Weight : Net = 1200Kg; Gross = 1900 Kg
Noise : 101 dB sound power
Drills to 300mm as standard or 600mm+ with spacers ~


Annual Service and Maintenance Contracts are available for this device.
Please enquire for further details. Note: This device should be checked and calibrated annually.


Accessories / optional extras are not included in the price of main device (unless stated otherwise) and may be purchased separately if required.

Drill spacers
For large diameter core drills
Hydraulic power take off
To run other machines such as breakers, cut off saws, small wall saws, chain saws and drills providing 20 to 40 litres / minute at 138 Bar it can power any of the EHTMA category C,D & E tools
High mast
To give extended drilling depth to 1100 mm or easier removal of core samples from standard length core bits
Hydraulic trailer movers
Newly fabricated hydraulic movers now replace the old 12 volt electric trailer movers which let you move the coring trailer effortlessly and accurately into position to drill or fit to the towing vehicle, even on gradients up to 25%.(these can also be retro-fitted in the future).
Reflective signage
Aluminium Chevrons and reflective tape are fitted to comply with UK Chapter 8 & highway maintenance signing requirements.
Chequer plate protection
Aluminium chequer plate top to the trailer gives long term protection & keeps the appearance look-ing good for years to come.
Locking control panel cover.
This stainless steel cover locks over the key & engine controls safely securing the unit.
Engine Drip Tray.
Built in underneath the engine, the tray gives additional protection to
the road or runway from any spillage of diesel or oil.
Spacers for drilling large diameter holes
The O600 coring trailer is supplied set to drill holes up to 300 mm
diameter. Spacers are available to bolt on to set out the motor to drill to 450 or 2 sets to drill 600+
Hydraulic motors
A wide range of hydraulic motors are available for use when drilling normally larger holes which allow you to get the best power and rotary speed combination to give the highest productivity.
LED torch
Wired ready to plug into the 12volt outlet on your control panel this LED torch provides additional lighting – clip on or hold.
Core Extractors Tongs
These core extractors are a light weight easy to use method of removing loose cores still left in the hole in the road ideal for use up to 150 mm diameter.
(Please specify the core size when ordering)
Hydraulic rear Stabilising jacks — (replacing the standard manual side winding jacks)
Hydraulic jack legs with powered raise and lower on the towing end of the trailer, powered by the same engine and controlled from the same manual controls station to give a complete hydraulic raise and lower facility. (Not from a single acting ram from an additional 12 Volt Power pack)
Wheeled stabiliser Jacks
Ideal when drilling lots of holes which are near each other, makes moving the trailer
from drill position to drill position quicker and easier. Wheeled casters are mounted on the Stabilising jacks