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Saturated Ageing Tensile Stiffness (SATS) Test

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Equipment for test methods for Hot Mix Asphalt. Saturation Ageing Tensile Stiffness (SATS) Conditioning test according to EN 12697-45.

The equipment has been designed for the conditioning of saturated asphalt test tubes by storage for 65h in a partially filled pressure vessel of water under controlled conditions of 85°C temperature and 2.1 MPa of pressure.

The equipment is composed of the following elements:

Pressure vessel

Pressure vessel with useful dimensions of Dint = 155mm and Hint = 480mm. Both the body and the lid are manufactured in special stainless steel AISI 316. It can support an internal pressure of up to 35bar and a temperature of up to 130°C. The lid is designed to incorporate the elements of control included in the container:

  1. Air inlet valve
  2. Slow air purge valve
  3. Pressure gauge inside the container
  4. Temperature probe inside the container
  5. Safety Valve tared at 25 bar.
  6. Sample tray: It is used to place 5 test pieces normalised inside the pressure vessel

The pressure vessel is made of stainless steel; it is composed of 7 plates squares of 105 x 105 x 2mm with 36 holes Diameter = 5mm distributed homogeneously by them according to the norm. These plates form a vertical structure of 395mm height supported by 4 stainless steel columns of Diameter = 8mm.


It is a stable and compact structure on which all the elements that make up the team. Made with pipe square steel which gives it great rigidity and lightness. In its upper part, there is a tray embedded in stainless steel on which is housed the pressure vessel and the control module is supported.

It has 4 wheels to facilitate its operation to the maximum.
Two of the wheels have a built-in brake to ensure the location of the equipment.

Porous disc

Porous disc diameter 100mm and thickness 5mm with high permeability.

Control System for Pressure and Temperature

  • Feedback system of pressure control of confinement of the reactor. The system consists of proportional air inlet valve together with a transducer, maintain the set pressure (+/-0.1MPa) during the duration of the test
  • Feeding system of control of the temperature of the inside the reactor (± 0.5°C)
  • Test data recording system
  • USB storage device module and Ethernet connection