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Climatic Chamber

This product has been discontinued for sale!

Climatic Chamber, 250L capacity, is used for the curing of samples. CRT-D-1430 Climatic Chamber is equipped with a PID digital control system for both temperature and humidity. The chamber is equipped with an operator panel where the temperature is set and monitored. The Climatic Chamber can achieve humidity over 95%. The Temperature and humidity are controlled by a single sensor.

Software for data transfer to a PC is supplied complete with the cabinet. The data can be viewed on a PC at any time. Data can be converted to Excel format when required. A graph can also be indicated at any time during the testing period.

The condenser of the cabinet is fitted with air cooled hermetic cooler. The gas used for the cooler does not include CFC gases.
Temperature range for the cabinet is between -30 and +60°C. Humidity over 95% is achieved between temperatures of 15 to 25°C.


  • EN 1339
  • TS 2824
  • EN 1367-1

Key Features

  • Chamber, 250L capacity
  • PID Digital control system
  • Temperature range -30to+60°C
  • Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Capacity L 250
    Temperature Range -30 to +60°C
    Humidity Sensitivity ±2°C
    Humidity Range > 95%
    Humidity accuracy ±5% RH
    Internal Dimensions mm 500 x 500 x 930
    External Dimensions mm 680 x 650 x 1980
    Weight Kg 140
    Power 220V 50Hz 1ph