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Microlance Instant Moisture and Temperature Tester

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TA-0806 MICROLANCE Instant Moisture and Temperature Tester is used for the instant on-site determination of moisture and temperature of sands, aggregates, building materials, minerals and mixes from small quantities to hundreds of tons.
The instrument is reliable and easy to use, taking moisture readings up to 1 meter depths by simply inserting the lance into the test material. Instant readings are monitored on the digital display and the built-in computer allows the user to monitor a wide range of materials and water contents.
The TA-0806 Microlance is supplied with standard calibration values for sands and aggregates but it can also be calibrated for different material or mixture with the ‘Autocal’ functionality. The unit is supplied complete with a calibration certificate.

Key Features

  • Moisture measurement with temperature compensated electric field
  • Temperature measurement according to BS 1904 and DIN 751
  • Platinum resistance detector
  • Works with 4 x 1.5 V AA cells (or equivalent)


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Range Resolution Accuracy
Moisture % 0 to 25 0.1 ≤ ±0.5
Temperature °C -20 to 60 0.1 ≤ ±0.5

Dimension mm (W x D x H) 100 x 100 x 1200
Weight (approx.) Kg 2