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Triple Motion Sieve Shaker

The TG-0415 Triple Motion Sieve Shaker has a versatile design which allows the user to work with large batch sizes, large particle sizes or sieves with various sizes are need to be shaken. This sieve shaker features a unique combination of jarring and orbital action which provides the most effective shaking action. Upper and lower cross heads are adjustable to be used for different sieve sizes. The shaker includes a 30 minute timer and a continuous-stop-timer operation switch.

Sieves Capacity 10x of 200 mm (8”) sieves plus pan and cover
8x of 250 mm (10”) sieves plus pan and cover
6x of 300 mm (12″) sieves plus pan and cover
Max. Sample Weight Up to 4500 g depending on sieve size
Orbital Action 327 oscilliations per münute (approx.)
Jarring Action 40 vertical blows per minute