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Sieve Shakers with Time Adjustment


The TG-0411 and TG-0412 Sieve Shakers impart a circular motion to the material being sieved so that it makes a slow progression over the surface of the sieve.

They are equipped with a dynamic power source which ensures the right vibration is imparted to the sieves and sample for fast, accurate and reproducible tests. The vertical movement is fixed to ensure the sample spends maximum time on the sieve surface. The unique vibratory action also helps keep the apertures clear and free from binding.

Sieve Shakers are fitted with a very efficient clamping device that ensures sieves are held firmly without over-tightening and allows them to be quickly removed and replaced. The timer can be preset for any duration up to 60 minutes. The TG-0412 model has the additional frequency adjustment property.


  • EN 932-5
  • ISO 565
  • ISO 3310-1
  • ISO 3310-2
  • ASTM E11
  • ASTM E323
  • BS 410-1
  • BS 410-2


Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Sieve Capacity 15 pieces of 200 (8″)mm sieves + pan and cover
10 pieces of 300 (12″)mm sieves + pan and cover

Dimensions mm (W x D x H) 510 x 510 x 370 (for both models)
Weight (approx.) Kg 86 (for both models)
Power W 250 (for both models)