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Research project supported by Cooper that could fix pothole problem forever

Cooper Research Technology is proud to be supporting the Pothole Research Project led by Mujib Rahman PhD CEng FICE FCIHT FHEA at Aston University and Thom Nick of the University of Nottingham.

“The research aims to improve the design and construction of roads to minimise surface damage caused by water freezing and thawing, and general wear and tear from traffic. It also will be looking at how to change the science behind road repairs and maintenance.”

Hamburg Wheel Tracker and Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine are among many other asphalt and bitumen testing machines manufactured and supplied by Cooper Research Technology that will be pivotal for this three-year research project.

A project which will be the driving force behind the redesigning of roads and changes in road repairs could revolutionise the way potholes are repaired, and road surfaces are designed.

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