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Collection of images from the HESCCC 2020. High Early Strength Concrete Cube Competition.

Last week, Cooper Research Technology was invited as a guest judge at the High Early Strength Concrete Cube Competition (HESCCC 2020).

The competition was organised by the ICE East Midlands Graduates and Students Committee with the University of Derby and sponsored by JP Concrete.

Teams comprising of 3 members each from the University of Derby, University of Nottingham and University of Loughborough took part in the competition. These teams were tasked to create 3 concrete cube specimens with materials that they thought would improve the strength of concrete over a 24-hour period. Some teams used PFAs, some used salt, and others… lemon juice!

The competition was split over 2 evenings. Day 1, specimens were mixed, tamped and placed in curing tanks and allowed to rest for the 24-hour time limit. Day 2 saw teams give a short 5 to 10 minute presentation about their use of their additives, their individual processes and how they prepared for the competition in the few weeks leading up to the competition. The cubes were also tested using a Concrete Compression Machine. To view our full range of concrete crushing equipment, Click Here.

The winning cubes achieved an average of 51 MPa. Their highest passing 54 MPa. The winning team was from the University of Derby and all were final year students. The presentation part of the competition was won by a team of students from the University of Loughborough.

The event itself was a great success. We are glad that we were able to attend, and we are thankful to the ICE East Midland for inviting us to judge the competition.

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