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On Tuesday 28th July, Cooper Technology went go-karting to build on team strength and morale. The six teams were picked at random (so no one could cheat and pick all the best drivers!) then we got on our karting suits, helmets and gloves and headed to the track. The race was fierce and the teams were competitive; so competitive that a few penalties had to be awarded to misbehaving drivers! Andrew from team 6, Deon from team 2 and Brad from team 3 all received penalties for driving into the pits too quickly! Some drivers struggled to stay on the track as a couple of light rain showers made the surface very slippery.

Aside from all the drama, only one team could be the winners… and that was team 4! Pete G, Joe and Sam proudly accepted their medals and bragging rights in the winner’s ceremony after the race.

  • Zameer and the two Craigs of team 1 came in second place.
  • Mariana, Carl and Danny of team 5 came in third place.
  • Andrew, Craig W (also in team 1) and Danny (also in team 5) of team 6 came in fourth place.
  • Arthur, Brad and Pete C of team 3 came in fifth place.
  • And finally Marianne, Deon and Sophie of team 2 came last in sixth place – a massive 17 laps behind the winning team!

We couldn’t all win, but we all had a fantastic time which is the most important thing!