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At Cooper Technology, we believe that every company, irrespective of its size, has a responsibility to the community and environment in which it does business. Being socially responsible and making a positive contribution to the local communities is integrated into the very core of our business objectives and strategy.
We recognise that sport can improve the quality of life of individuals and communities, promote social inclusion, improve health, counter anti-social behaviour, raise individual self-esteem and confidence, and widen horizons. In the past we have engaged with ‘Colts to Africa’, an organisation which gives youth footballers the chance, by sharing their love of football, to make a difference to the underprivileged children of Africa.
This year, we worked with Tibshelf Community School and sponsored team kits for their 20th annual football tour to the Netherlands.

Tibshelf Community School Football tour to the Netherlands

Tibshelf Community School Football Team

About the Event

Tibshelf Community School organised its 20th annual school football tour to the Netherlands. The aim of the tour was to engage students in another country’s football ethos. The squads were made up of players from U14’s , U15’s and U16,s students from the school. Each squad played two games apiece against local Dutch clubs.

Other activities included:
• Swimming
• Tenpin bowling
• Local football training sessions
• A visit to the local town of Den Bosh
• Theme park

Awards were given out at the end of six day tour for the best players from each squad, the overall player of the tour based on attitude and effort was awarded to Harry Grafton.