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Cooper Technology is proud to announce the launch of four new products. The new products are Texas Overlay Tester, Prall Tester, T4 Dedicated Coring Trailer and Light Weight Deflectometer-Terratest 3000 GPS.

Texas Overlay Tester

Texas Overlay Tester is a dedicated, state-of-the-art test equipment for determining the crack initiation and crack propagation properties of asphalt mixtures. A proposed new ASTM International standard for “Determining the Susceptibility of Bituminous Mixtures to Reflective Cracking using the Overlay Tester” is currently under development. It is hoped that this International standard will improve the test method by providing a unified sample preparation procedure as well as overall improved precision. The CRT-TOT will, of course, meet any changes prescribed in this new standard. Click here for further information

Prall Tester

Cooper Technology’s Prall Tester  is a high quality, repeatable and reproducible machine. It is designed to carry out the Prall Test according to EN12697-16 Method A in which a cylindrical specimen of asphalt having a diameter of 100mm and a length of 30mm is tested at a temperature of 5°C. The specimen is worn by abrasive action over a standard time period of 15 minutes by 40 steel spheres. The loss of volume in millilitres is recorded and reported as the abrasion value. Click here for further information

T4 Dedicated Coring Trailer

Our new T4 Dedicated Coring Trailer is a self contained remote controlled hydraulically driven diamond drilling trailer for taking core samples in roads or airport runways with concrete or asphalt surfaces. Hydraulically driven coring trailer provides consistent rotational torque when drilling in a variety of materials such as concrete, brickwork, rock or asphalt & steel re-bars. Click here for futher information

Light Weight Deflectometer-Terratest 3000 GPS

Light Weight Deflectometer- Terratest 3000 GPS is one of the most intelligent compact design Light Weight Deflectometers in the world. It is a time and cost saving alternative to expensive static plate load tests. Ideal for daily use on construction sites. Click here for more information