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On Saturday 21st May 2016 Cooper Technology took on their biggest challenge yet, even bigger than their Xtreme Challenge that they completed back in February. This time Cooper took on Tough Mudder! Tough Mudder Midlands 2016 was hosted at Belvoir Castle near Grantham which provided hills, woodland, water and masses of mud!

Craig Walker, Marianne Rolland, Peter Grafton, Kirsten Grafton, Joe Lomax, James Bacon and Danny Weston completed the challenge and all made it to the finish line in one piece!

Some of the obstacles included the Block Ness Monster, King of the Swingers, Pyramid Scheme, Arctic Enema 2.0 and Everest 2.0. The course was 10-12 miles long and there were over 20 obstacles, 500,000 litres of mud and 40 tons of ice.