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cDAC Processor

  • Atmel AT 91SAM main processor for maximum speed and total control

  • Diagnostic LEDs to display power and communications status

  • Software configured system shut down facility with opto-isolated 24v signal

  • Serial port supporting RS 485/422/232 for communication with auxiliary equipment

  • Dedicated programming port for local setup and diagnostics

  • 100Mbit Ethernet TCP/IP & UDP for fast industry standard communications

  • Configurable USB port for data storage or inputs

Acquisition Card


  • Diagnostic LEDs to display power and communication status

  • 8 fully configurable inputs with TEDS technology built in for plug and play capability

  • Synchronous acquisition and filtering on all measurements to prevent data corruption

  • 24-bit resolution with up to 5kHz scan rate and full linearisation ensures accurate data acquisition

  • Inline signal conditioning and auto ranging amplifiers to suit all sensors

Servo Control Card


  • Two independent control loops running at 5kHz

  • Diagnostic LEDs to display power and communications status

  • Real-time 3 term variable PID control with bumbles transfer

  • Multiple inputs configurable through the acquisition card for real and pseudo channel feedback

  • Can operate in standalone mode as a signal generator for setup and calibration

  • Full 16-bit industry standard 0-20mA, 0-10V, ±10V and ±40mA output signal levels

  • Configurable hard wired safety circuits for both outputs

Digital I/O Card


  • I/O Controler scans input signals at 5kHz

  • Diagnostic LEDs to display power and communications status

  • IP64 Connectors on all I/O terminals

  • 4 x inputs at up to 24V opto-isolated with 100mA sink capacity

  • All inputs can be used as programmable counters

  • 4 x outputs opto-isolated rated at 1.6A per channel

  • All outputs can be configured as PWM outputs

cDAC is Cooper Technology’s next generation digital data acquisition and control unit which when brought together in alliance with our flagship DIMENSION software gives you the power to perform the most demanding of tests with your materials testing equipment.

Through many years of experience in the design and manufacture of materials testing equipment, Cooper Technology have designed both cDAC and DIMENSION with the ease of use and reliability required for standard testing, and the flexibility and advanced capabilities required for research.